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Being a graphic designer isn’t all about paper and ink, there’s so much more! I’ve collected some awesome resources for beginning and advanced designers. If you know a resource that is not listed, please comment so I can check it out!

Type/Typography                                           This is the type management software I use and I love it.                                                      Font identification website that is #awesome, I have no idea what I would do without it!                                                                      Seriously fun type education that will make you a better designer. Seriously.

Business                                           Chris Do is a legend. Legendary. Epic.           Content covers motivation, doing business, interviews, you name it.                                                             Roberto Blake has a youtube channel with tons of helpful personal branding advice.

Design in General                                                        Writing on design + visual culture.                                               Podcast with thoughtful interviews of creatives in varied design disciplines.  David’s blog is thoughtful, informative and beautiful.

Printing                                                                   Search tool that helps you find the right printer near you.